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Type of Roasts

We freshly roast our beans at different levels to suit different kinds of tastes. So which roast speaks to you the most?

Light Roasts

Light roasts retain most of the original coffee qualities. They have a light brown colour and a lack of oil. They also possess the highest acidity and the brightest flavours. And, do you know that light roasting is the most loved in the speciality coffee industry as it brings out vibrant flavours?

It’s not surprising to observe that these roasts are extremely popular these days!

  • They are roasted appropriately to preserve the unique characteristics of the bean. As long as the beans are well-grown, processed and roasted, they can produce a wide variety of flavours, aromas, aftertastes, etc.
  • Light roasts bring out the flavours from the coffee’s country of origin more than any other roast style.
  • These beans barely reach what we call “first crack”, a stage where the vapours inside the beans break through the outer wall and create a “cracking” noise. This is a sign that the beans have reached a Light Roast.
  • Lightly roasted beans cook for a shorter time and at a lower temperature in the roaster, so they preserve more caffeine from the original green coffee bean as compared to their darker, bolder companions.

Medium Roasts

Experience the well-balanced taste of original coffee along with this roast’s flavours and aromas. The deeper roasts are defined by a darker brown shade and a rich appearance complemented with a fuller body that rarely has an oily surface.

  • These beans are less acidic and intense. Plus, they hold on to coffee’s natural flavour profile.
  • Roasting to this level preserves many of the unique flavours of the coffee’s origin, but it also begins to reach into the deep caramel sweetness of a longer roast, losing some of the bright, floral flavours that are frequently observed in a Light Roast.
  • As a result, these coffees are well-rounded, and slightly darker and sweeter, with a medium amount of caffeine.
  • Medium roasts are more approachable than Light Roasts to the average coffee drinker.
  • These beans are typically roasted a little beyond the first crack, but not all the way to the “second crack”.

Dark Roasts

Dark roasts are dark brown or even black sometimes. They showcase bold bodies and a richer taste. The original coffee’s characteristics fade away, thus bearing deeper flavours and a smooth aftertaste of chocolate, nuts and caramel.

  • Dark roast coffee beans get their bold, smoky flavour from drawn-out oil that glosses the surface. A speciality roaster roasts the beans to such an extent, that they begin to have deeper, darker, pleasant flavours and typically reach the second crack in the roaster, if not a little beyond.
  • Such roasts are slightly less acidic and have the least caffeine.
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