“According to a story, a goat-herder noticed his flock become lively after consuming the red cherries of a coffee plant”. That’s one of the stories we’ve heard about the origin of coffee.

A truth that guides Coffee Sutra is that a truly great coffee arises out of the perfect synergy of processes from raw beans to roasting and blending, which is an art in itself.

Coffee Sutra is about flavourful coffee notes with a tinge of Indian culture that has selected and roasted high-quality coffee beans from around the world and is aiming for quality and sustainability, just for you!

We aim for excellence in providing you with a cup of joyous coffee accompanied by some exciting conversations and creating meaningful relationships over coffee.

Sutra means an “unbreakable thread” through which we connect with people and cherish the concept of oneness whilst providing freshly roasted coffee beans so that you create memories with your loved ones that last forever.

Our team of coffee experts has come together with a motive to make you understand the difference between a “good” and a “great” cup of coffee.

It all started with a small Idea.

Our founder, Mr Dushyant Singh, has a prosperity mindset and has been working passionately for several years. His love for coffee and will to educate has encouraged him to start this new venture, ‘Coffee Sutra’.

He envisions serving freshly-roasted and the best-sourced coffee from various estates around the world. The culture of coffee goes hand in hand with togetherness for ages, and he justifies his expertise by having like-minded people on board to render a rich experience to coffee drinkers.

We make sure everything we do is through the lens of humanity – from our vision to serve the highest quality coffee to the way we engage and handle our customers.