How to Distinguish Between Single Origin and Coffee Blends?

If you are embarking on your coffee journey, it might feel overwhelming. But, don’t worry. At Coffee Sutra, our founder and team have spent years understanding and appreciating coffee and have curated amazing coffees for you. Among them are Single Origin Coffee and Coffee Blends.

If coffee stimulates you and you are curious by nature, then you must have wondered about the nature of the coffee you brew and drink. Whether it is within the comfort of your home or about the one that you order in a cafeteria sometimes.

Is it a single-origin kind or a blended one? What is the difference between the two? Which one is more delicious and healthier? What is your preference? If these questions ring a bell in your head too, then we are thinking on the same plane. Here is a shoutout to all coffee enthusiasts! We appreciate your curiosity and have a resolve for it.

Simply put, Single Origin Beans are harvested from a single place, usually a certain country or region. Coming from only ONE source, single-origin coffee tends to only be available at certain periods of a year, depending on the harvesting season. Such coffees are exotic, unique and their characteristics reveal their geographical conditions.

Coffee Blends comprise multiple beans of different origins, which produce a flavour of combined features. They are more consistent, well-balanced, and pack a more approachable and gentler taste. With various beans mixed together, coffee blends strike a harmonious taste that strikes all the chords.

1). Hiran:- Single Origin Premium Coffee - The word ‘Hiran’ means ‘deer’ in English. The coffee estate on which these coffee beans are grown is surrounded by forests and, in turn, these docile animals. This single-origin coffee is dedicated to them and how they stand by to watch coffee beans being cultivated by our hard-working coffee farmers.

2). Nectar:- Single Origin Premium Coffee - Nectar in Greek means “the drink of gods”. This single origin coffee variant is fermented in a whiskey barrel. It is kept for 5-6 months in a barrel in which a single malt whiskey ages and hence the coffee absorbs the flavour of the whiskey.

3). Day Break:- Premium Coffee Blend - On our 10-year long journey of understanding and experiencing coffees, we passionately concocted our unique Day Break blend. Ideal for milk-based coffees, this signature coffee is a medium-plus roast of Arabica and Robusta beans presented in one refreshing strong brew.

4). Twilight:- Premium Coffee Blend - Our Twilight Coffee is a 100% Arabica blend of the finest coffee beans from the best farms in the world. Handpicked for its delicious flavour notes of Rich dark chocolate, Maple Syrup and Orange. It is also versatile enough to blend in with interesting coffee mocktails. Dive into an eternal experience with this medium roast coffee, specially crafted for espresso or creamy lattes.

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