A great cup of aromatic coffee sets the spirits high for a creative mind. Be it an amateur or an established artist, a good cup of coffee has been a constant companion.

A humble cup of delicious coffee is truly capable of amazing things, you see!

It introduces an artist to creative ideas and has the magic of making them comfortable in their natural skin.

But, times don’t remain promising forever. Do you wish to increase your work productivity while you experience the rough phase? No worries, we have it all covered for you. The coffee beans at Coffee Sutra are sourced from all over the world, just for you!

A mug of delicious coffee, freshly brewed from Coffee Sutra’s roasted coffee beans, is a perfect way to stay inspired at all times. It has the power to make the journey of an artist enriched and smooth.

Light Roast for the Painter’s Brush Is your fellow painter running out of ideas? Connect with him over a cup of delicious coffee brewed from Coffee Sutra’s Light Cinnamon Beans to pump him up with a new outlook towards art and life.

Medium Roast for the Photographer’s Lens The well-rounded flavour of Coffee Sutra’s Medium Roast Beans is the right choice for amateur photographers to bond over. Its finely balanced taste will allow them to retain their ideas and absorb some from their peers….exciting, isn’t it?

Dark Roast For the Writer’s Ink When a group of writers meet to discuss their work, generally, coffee prepared from Coffee Sutra’s Dark Roasted Beans uplifts the whole discussion. It brings out unique, out-of-the-box ideas and leaves behind a chocolaty, nutty, and caramel aftertaste.

Coffee Sutra is striving to build timeless bonds over coffee. Just a few sips can spark a flame of creativity in you!

Hurry up and grab your favourite blended coffee from Coffee Sutra’s online store or OTH - the cafe near you….